Rochester Office
Laura Payne-Bourcy, PhD
8 Parham Drive
Rochester, NY 14526
Syracuse Office
Scott Shablak, PhD
PO Box 35150
Syracuse, NY  13235

Guiding Principles


The members of The RED Group proudly adhere to the American Evaluation Association Guiding Principles for Evaluators. We adapt each of these five principles to the way we work with you to provide the mix of Research, Evaluation, and Development that meets your needs.

1. Systematic Inquiry: To conduct systematic, data-based inquiries.

  • RED Group associates will always adhere to the highest technical standards, mutually explore with clients the best approaches to the work, and communicate these approaches for clarity and understanding.

2. Competence: To provide competent performance to stakeholders.

  • RED Group team members will bring to their work the best education, abilities, skills and experience, including the skills of relationship building and cultural competence. Continuous improvement of these skills is a key expectation of those who work with us. In pursuit of that goal, we seek the assistance of those with greater expertise when warranted.

3. Integrity/Honesty: To display honesty and integrity in their own behavior, and attempt to ensure the honesty and integrity of the entire evaluation process.

  • The RED Group assures you that it will always be honest in its dealings. We value transparency and free communication regarding costs, tasks to be undertaken, limitations of methods, and scope and uses of all likely results across all projects and all clients. We will never misrepresent our procedures, data, or findings, and we will disclose any roles or relationships that could pose a conflict of interest.

4. Respect for People: To respect the security, dignity, and self-worth of respondents, program participants, clients, and other stakeholders.

  • The RED Group will undertake the work and communicate results in a way that clearly respects the dignity and self-worth of all stakeholders. We will always endeavor to understand and respect differences among participants and will abide by the most current professional ethics and standards.

5. Responsibilities for General and Public Welfare: To articulate and consider the diversity of general and public interests and values that may be related to the work.

  • The RED Group associates will respect people and honor promises of confidentiality. We will always consider the immediate outcomes of the work and broader implications and potential side effects. We will seek to understand important contextual elements of the work, including political and social climate, timing, and economic conditions. We will always act with a clear awareness of both the client and the public good.