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 Our Work


The RED Group has a lengthy history of providing specially-tailored Research, Evaluation, and Development services to education, government, community, and private organizations. Many of our projects involve discovery or production of Research for our clients. Other projects focus on Evaluation, the quantitative or qualitative summary of what people did, how they did it, and what resulted. Whatever the project, we provide the right combination of tools and methods for the task.

All of our work is Development. We use each opportunity, whether co-writing a grant, shaping an evaluation, or reporting progress to multiple stakeholders, to help our clients build their own capacity for truly good work. Research. Evaluation. Development. The RED Group.

The Department of Justice funded the Lafayette Central School District to implement the nationally-validated model Big Picture Program, an alternative school aimed at keeping high-risk students in school through graduation. The RED Group was asked to evaluate the program over time for purposes of continuous improvement, student outcomes, program value, and long-term sustainability planning.





The RED Group was invited by the District to conduct a formative and summative evaluation of a federally-funded Advanced Placement Incentive Program (AVID). This comprehensive system of teacher and student training and program implementation is intended to raise the academic expectations and aspirations of under-served students, their parents, and the teachers and schools that serve them.



The Healthy Heart Institute operated under the purview of the New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (AHPERD). Modeled after programs from the American Cancer Society, the Institute provided professional development for K-12 health and physical education teachers in NYS. The RED Group studied the implementation and impact of the project and provided research-based criteria for measuring the quality of professional development.




The Mid-State Regional School Support Centers (RSSC) were established to provide educational interventions to school districts targeted due to low performance on state achievement tests. The RED Group provided the Center with a study of their performance, quality practices, and areas for ongoing improvement.



The Council received funding to establish and support the Cortland County Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Center. The Council is focused on increasing access and availability of services to the LGBT Center. The RED Group evaluation team conducted a county-wide needs assessment, evaluated the practices established, and measured community perceptions of the quality and value of the services.



The RED Group was invited to evaluate the Council’s statewide initiative, Healthy Lifestyles-Adults with Developmental Disabilities. Four demonstration sites throughout the State were funded to replicate a wellness curriculum serving adults with disabilities in work, day hab, and clinical settings. We provided assistance to support implementation and evaluation services to study the outcomes of each program as well as its replicability. RED also designed and developed a website for replicators nationally.



TThe RED Group has provided evaluation services for four foundation-funded national projects. They include Volunteer Based Literacy Pilots: a study of the efficacy of four pilots throughout the U.S.; Fire Safety: efficacy of fire prevention training with English language learners; Citizenship: citizenship and literacy access for non-native English-speaking adults); and Literacy Access: increasing access to basic and workplace education services in U.S. communities.




The USDE/NYSED funded a number of 21st Century Community Learning Center projects focused on increasing achievement through extended day opportunities in the schools. The RED Group provided evaluation services for numerous programs intended to increase student access, promote resiliency, and foster college and career readiness throughout the State, from Northern and Central New York to the Southern Tier.



The RED Group was asked to provide assessment and evaluation services to this Parent Information Resource Center grant funded for five years by the USDE. The project developed and provided services to schools and families designed to help parents engage in their children’s education in schools across Jefferson and Lewis counties. As a result of this evaluation, The RED Group opened a significant partnership between the USDE and the Indian River School District.



The RED Group collaborated with higher education partners at Syracuse University, Utica College, and the College of Saint Rose to evaluate NSF-funded projects aimed at improving Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) practices and the choices available in the STEM fields to grade 7-12 and higher education students.



The RED Group provides support to multiple BOCES and districts throughout the State which have been funded through the Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) grant cycle. Aimed at improving integration of technologies to support student learning and related professional development, each project required a rigorous State-mandated evaluation and an evaluation of local or regional interests.

Each of the six NYSED-funded projects evaluated by The RED Group focused on organizational improvement in under-achieving schools through validated models of school reform as part of a Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration (CSRD). Our team provided insights related to research and local needs and tracked the implementation of each initiative.

The RED Group also was responsible for providing evaluation services to 16 school districts in the State who were funded for Even Start Programs. These programs focused on early childhood education, adult literacy, and parenting education to help break the cycle of poverty and low literacy.



Oswego, Sandy Creek, and Elmira Heights received Reading First funding to focus on explicit instruction, use of data to inform instruction, and related teacher training. The RED Group’s evaluation studied program fidelity, achievement outcomes, and replicable practices.



This project resulted from a collaboration between a rural BOCES, a SUNY college, and a private community agency. The RED Group’s charge was to study the implementation of the partnership with an eye on possibilities for similar efforts in the state and nation.


The RED Group is currently serving as the evaluator for two multi-year projects at Syracuse University. As the lead institution, SU is partnering with six other research universities and community colleges in the region as the NSF-funded Upstate Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (ULSAMP) to boost the baccalaureate degree attainment rates of underrepresented minority students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. RED will be conducting a rigorous evaluation of the Alliance-wide collaborative process itself as well as gathering evidence of correlations between the grant-funded project activities and measurable outcomes.


The Health Foundation for Western and Central New York has funded three strategies focused on improving the health of children up to one year old and women of child bearing age living at poverty level. The initiatives include increasing midwifery practice in upstate New York, improving outreach services, and interagency collaboration. The RED Group has been asked to evaluate the nature, quality, and outcomes resulting from support to agencies, as well as the overall Foundation strategy itself.